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* [[Tesla]]
* [[Tesla]]
* [[Toyota]]
* [[Toyota]]
* [[Chevrolet]]

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Welcome to the openinverter.org Wiki Site. Everyone registered at the forum can login here with the same username and password and can make changes.

Getting Started

The open inverter project consists of three main aspects:

Hardware Firmware Web Interface
The design and development of the control hardware based around an STM32F103 chip. This provides the control signals to the power stage and on to the attached components. The development of the code that goes on the STM32F103 chips and determines, amongst other things what signals are sent to the power stage and the attached components. Using an ESP8266 chip, the development of a simple web based interface to adjust the parameters on the firmware chip and to display values returned from the chip, for example motor speed (RPM).

There are two variants available:

Kit for use with your own power section. Kit for use with existing power sections,
This is the kit provided to build your own power section, meaning sourcing and constructing your own IGBTs and other components.

You can find the build instructions for this kit here

This is the kit for use with existing power sections, meaning inverters sourced from OEM parts taken from existing cars, etc. and utilising the components within them.

For example drop in boards for Tesla drive units, Prius Inverters, and so on.

Once you have the inverter parts, you will need additional components for your EV conversion:

  • Motor
  • Batteries
  • Charger
  • DC/DC Converter
  • HV Junction Box
  • Other various components
    • Pumps, Heaters, etc.

More detailed information on these items can be found on the EV Conversion Parts page.

If you want to tune your inverter check the parameter description.

You might also want to set up CAN communication or use the inverter as a battery charger also.


Open Inverter Hardware

Open Inverter Software

Open Inverter CAN std.

Glossary of Terms

Conversion Projects

OEM Parts