Future plans

The inverter has reached a stable and usable state as of today. This is the result of 7 design iterations. Still though, there is much room for improvement:


  • Implement advanced motor control algorithms (DTC or FOC)
  • Implement motor autotuning
  • Integrate battery heating into inverter
  • Resolver support to run PMSM - done!
  • Integrate battery charging into the inverter - done!
  • Integrate vehicle interfacing (e.g. rev counter) - done!
  • Integrate battery monitoring and SoC estimation
  • Offer more communication (CAN, USB) - CAN done!
  • Support synchronous motors - done! But some more testing needed

FOC will no longer be implemented because it offers no advantage when using a pulse encoder. Thus autotuning is not needed.

Battery monitoring should be done by a BMS instead of the inverter.