Software » Errors

The inverter software continously checks it's inputs for implausibilities and error conditions. The last 4 errors are stored in RAM. They can be displayed by typing "errors" or pressing the according button on the web interface.

Error Codes


# Message Reaction Description
0 OVERCURRENT STOP HW overcurrent limit was hit
1 THROTTLE1 DISPLAY Throttle input 1 went out of range → 0 throttle assumed
2 THROTTLE2 DISPLAY Throttle input 2 went out of range
3 CANTIMEOUT DISPLAY No IO CAN messages for 500ms
4 EMCYSTOP STOP Emcystop pin went low
5 MPROT STOP Mprot pin went low
6 DESAT STOP Desat pin went low
7 OVERVOLTAGE STOP udcmax was hit
8 ENCODER DISPLAY Implausible pulses on encoder (only single mode)
9 PRECHARGE STOP udcsw was not reached after 5s of precharging
10 TMPHSMAX DERATE udcsw was not reached after 5s of precharging