Rapid Charging

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There are 2 commonly used protocols for DC Rapid Charging an EV conversion.



Chademo uses a separate socket to the ac charging port. This is found on Nissan Leaf.
2016-03-18 10-58-08 97-1024x576.jpg

The port on the left is the Chademo port on a Nissan Leaf. This is probably the cheapest standard to get DC rapid charging in your conversion.

There are multiple options for a Chademo controller.

CCS combines the AC charging port with 2 additional pins for DC charging and comes in 2 different socket type, type 1 more common in USA and the type 2 more common in Europe.

The port above is a type 2 CCS socket, for AC charging the normal AC type 2 connector fits in to the top part and the bottom usually has an additional cover for the pins.

One way of getting CCS working is with the BMW i3 LIM Module

Another way may be using a TP-Link TL-PA4010 ("AV500") and repurposing it as a CCS EVCC.

A third method may be to a board that contains an STM microcontroller and a QCA700x IC[1].