Rapid Charging

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There are 2 commonly used protocols for DC Rapid Charging an EV conversion.



Chademo uses a separate socket to the ac charging port. This is found on Nissan Leaf.
2016-03-18 10-58-08 97-1024x576.jpg

The port on the left is the Chademo port on a Nissan Leaf. This is probably the cheapest standard to get DC rapid charging in your conversion.

There are multiple options for a Chademo controller.

CCS combines the AC charging port with 2 additional pins for DC charging and comes in 2 different socket type, type 1 more common in USA and the type 2 more common in Europe.

The port above is a type 2 CCS socket, for AC charging the normal AC type 2 connector fits in to the top part and the bottom usually has an additional cover for the pins.

You can find a generall overview of CCS and Controller Options list here.

One way of getting CCS working is with the BMW i3 LIM Module

Another way may be using a TP-Link TL-PA4010 ("AV500") and repurposing it as a CCS EVCC.

A third method may be to a board that contains an STM microcontroller and a QCA700x IC[1].


Quick reference of the CCS2 pinout. Looking at the car:

   PP  CP
 L1  PE  N
   L2  L3

  DC-  DC+

As a rule of thumb, CP is on the same side as DC+. PP is the pin that the car supplies about 4.5 V, and on that side is DC-.