Toyota Prius Gen2 Inverter Controller

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The OpenInverter Prius Gen 2 Inverter Controller is an open-source board designed to repurpose the Toyota Prius Gen2 Inverter by replacing the essential components of the Prius wiring harness and electronics. It runs the software for vehicle control. It derives from the (now-deprecated) earlier Prius Gen 2 work done by Damien Maguire of and is Damien's recommended replacement for the Toyota Prius Gen2 EVBMW Throughhole Board.


2 versions are available, one mostly-assembled kit with all connectors and an enclosure, and a less expensive incomplete barebones kit:

Full kit:

PCB-only kit:


(Note: Links to Github/etc design files here?)

Hardware Notes

(Note: this section is pretty sloppy, if you're looking to contribute, this would be a nice area to start)

Enclosure Details

The SMD board was designed to work the the following enclosure and connectors:
Description Part Number Data Sheet
Cinch Header 12 + 20 5810132011
Modice Enclosure 5810130075
Molex 12-Pin Connector 0334721202
Molex 20-Pin Connector 0334722001
WIFI Pins 10-way IDC Box Header Connector

Pin Mapping - Note : Smaller 12-pin socket is the interface to the inverter & 20-pin to the motor

32 Pin Main white connector Gen 2 Inverter emplacement

20 - Pin socket

Pin#01 - ENC_B/S3

Pin#02 - S1S4

Pin#03 - ENC_A/S2

Pin#04 - R1

Pin#05 - R2

Pin#06 - 5V

Pin#07 - THROTTLE 1

Pin#08 - THROTTLE 2

VCU to Prius Gen2 wiring v1.1

Pin#09 - START_IN (12V)

Pin#10 - BRAKE_IN (12V)

Adapter Board Pin out locations

Pin#11 - FORWARD_IN (12V) (1, 2 or 3 way switch)

Pin#12 - REVERSE_IN (12V) (1, 2 or 3 way switch)

Pin#13 - Motor Temp -

Pin#14 - Motor Temp +

Pin#15 - DC (HV) Switch Control (Ground signal)

Pin#16 - Pre-ChARGE Control (Ground signal)

Pin#17 - CAN L

Pin#18 - CAN H

Pin#19 - Ground

Pin#20 - 12V "Ignition"

12 - Pin socket ( starts at pin number #21) - Corresponding pin on Main White 32 pin Inverter connector is in brackets.

Pin#21 - GIVA (2)

Pin#22 - MIVA (7)

Pin#23 - GIWA (18)

Pin#24 - MIWA (23)

Pin#25 - VH (12)

Pin#26 - MIVT (26)

Pin#27 - MFIV (27)

Pin#28 - MUU (9)

Pin#29 - MVU (10)

Pin#30 - MWU (11)

Pin#31 - CPWM (13)

Pin#32 - GINV/GCNV (16/32)

Connect MSDN Pin#25 in inverter (not 25 on controller) permanently to 12V to enable the MG2 Inverter (can be tied to same 12v source as "I9")

Connect CPWM to 12V via a 470 Ohm resistor for charge mode.

Connect the 2-pole white power connector ("I9") inside inverter to 12V and Ground to power up inverter electronics.

Make sure to connect Pin #32 and #16 GINV/GCNV to vehicle ground.

Initial Set up

Step 1 : Solder relevant (and included) connector pins to the Adapter Board

Step 2 : Plug in Wifi Adapter and connect ONLY Pin#19 - GROUND and Pin#20 - 12 Volts power supply

Confirm PWR LED lights up along with WIFI LED. Confirm ALIVE LED flashes.

Step 3 : Connect computer/laptop to the wifi network (Example - Inverter 7)

Step 4 : Go to browser toolbar and type in + Enter. (allow pop ups/Trusted site). Confirm Web based Interface appears and list of parameters appear.

If parameters appear, you are now connected to the Adapter board and the Web based Interface - Congratulations - You are now in the Matrix !

Step 5 : Wire up 12 Pin SMD board connector to corresponding 32 Pin Inverter connector, permanent 12 volt supply to Pin #25 (MSDN) of Inverter, and 12V and Ground to 2-pole Inverter connector (next to main 32 pin white connector)

Step 6 : Connect fused 12 volt and Ground to HV Inputs (battery), along with 55 watt light bulb in series (resistor) on the Positive line

Step 7 : Connect fused 12 volt power supply for SMD board , Pin #25, and Inverter 2-pole connector - You are now set up for basic Open Loop motor spinning!

Step 8 : Connect 21 watt light bulbs in Delta connection to the 3 PWM outputs in Inverter (no motor) -

Step 9 : Web Interface Basic parameters ( stm32_sine. bin) set up - to confirm PWM outputs : Full boost (curki= 20000 min) with 12v supply, default forward, ampnom @ 70%, and fslipspnt @1 Hz. Select - "Start Inverter in Manual Mode" Confirm flashing lights.

Step 10 : Connect motor phase wires to inverter PWM outputs. Repeat Step 9 and change "fslipspnt" by 1 unit at a time, until motor spins smoothly. (I noticed Light bulb resistor on HV line lights up when no spinning) along with high current values. Once you have the motor spinning, continue to increase the "fslipspnt" value whilst monitoring the current (ampmeter on PWM output wire) You will also notice the light bulb starting to fade untill there is no more light. Optimal motor spinning in Open Loop Mode ! (these values are related to a 12 volt HV supply - re using these parameters is still to be verified at greater supply voltages)


The Control Board runs Open Inverter software. A set of known-good default inverter parameters can be found here:

Do NOT program a deadtime value over 0 for the Gen2 inverter. It only uses 1 PWM per phase and the inverter itself generates a low-side and high-side signal WITH deadtime.