Mitsubishi Outlander Rear Inverter

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Property Value
Device Inverter
OEM Mitsubishi
Type 3 phase Motor inverter/controller & HV DC Junction Box
Part Number(s) 9410A067, 9410A081, 9499D140, 9410A163
Mitsubishi Module Name REMCU[1]
Manufacturer Meidensha[2]
Suppliers Ebay
Voltage 300V DC Nominal supply voltage

(336V Max according to max battery voltage) [3]

Interfaces 1x Resolver/Motor Temperature sensor interface

Hirose GT18WB-14DP-HU - 14 way proprietary connector[4][5]

Black 1x 12V Power/CAN Bus Interface

Hirose GT18WB-14P-HU - 14 way proprietary connector


1x DC Bus Input - M10 Bolts with gland plate

1x 30A Fused DC Bus Junction Output - M10 Bolts with gland plate

1x 3 Phase motor output - M10 Bolts with gland plate

Mechanical Mounting 3x Lugs around lower face, M10 bolts multiple locations[6]
Resolver Presumably matched to resolver on Outlander Rear Motor

SIN COS - P/N C69600/TS2239N484E102 Believed to be similar to Nissan Leaf resolver[7]

Cooling Water/glycol cooling (Blue on Outlander)
Power Unknown if continuous duty is based on inverter or motor thermal capability

70kW Peak

25kW Continuous

Weight 9kg[6]
Features Integral 3-way DC fused Junction box (1 input, 2 fused outputs)

Water cooled

2x Coil temperature sensors

Wiring Diagram [8][9]
3D Printable Parts

Vehicle Topology

Rear Motor Inverter (REMCU) is on EV-CAN with the following modules:

  • PHEV-ECU (Also on CAN-C, gatewayed through ETACS-ECU to CAN-C-Mid)
  • Front Power Drive Unit
  • Onboard charger/DC-DC Converter
  • A/C Compressor
  • Electrical Parking Driver Unit
  • Battery Management Unit

Can Bus Topology [10]

PHEV-ECU Handles the whole hybrid system management including drive mode, system torque distribution and battery management

Wiring Diagram

Troubleshooting information from the Outlander manual
Pinout of Outlander Rear Motor Inverter Controller
Outlander REMCU Pinout/Interface Connections. Also downloadable as .XLSX and .ODS format for your own use. Please update here if you find any errata!

Wiring diagram to the right.

It would appear that there are 4 unused pins on the Vehicle Connector (D-211).

IGCT - ECU control power supply voltage

IGCT appears to be main ignition control relay - 12V

This is the supply voltage for the REMCU and should be supplied with battery voltage when turned on.

RSDN - REMCU shut-down signal

RSDN is a signal from the PHEV-ECU and is referred to as "REMCU shut-down signal" as part of the "Rear Motor Shutdown Circuit". It seems to be the equivalent of the MSDN signal from the PHEV-ECU to the Front Motor Controller. The RSDN signal could be used as a safety circuit. In normal operation, it should be pulled to low (1V or less).[11]

CAEH & CAEL - CAN Communication

Standard CAN bus, Baudrate 500KBaud??

Diagnostic Codes [12]

P1048 - Rear motor shutdown circuit [13]

The PHEV-ECU stores diagnosis code No. P1048 when the rear motor shut down circuit fails.

Check the wiring harness between PHEV-ECU (RSDN terminal) connector and the rear EMCU (RSDN terminal) connector.

Communication Protocol

CAN Bus with fallback to LIN and K-Line according to service manual


The REMCU does not appear to require authentication with other modules, meaning it is a good candidate for stand-alone use from this point of view.

However, If one wished to take the whole Hybrid system including the PHEV-ECU for an EV conversion, this would be more challenging as the PHEV-ECU appears to require authentication with the OSS-ECU (One Touch Start ECU) and the KOS-ECU (Keyless entry)

Inverter Phase Connections

Based on information within the Service diagrams [14] the following HV phase connections have been identified on the inverter.

Inverter Phase Connections
Inverter UVW.png


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