Mitsubishi Outlander Front Inverter

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The front inverter from an Outlander has a pair of 3 phase inverters and is CAN controlled, currently this is the only option and no replacement logic board is available that runs Open Inverter. Mitsubishi refer to it as the FEMCU in their service manual documentation.

Can Messages

An example of making the inverter spin both the motor and generator can be found here:

0x287 is the torque command, but some other messages are required also.

bytes 0 & 1 are the front motor torque.

bytes 2 & 3 are the rear motor torque.

bytes 4 & 5 are the generator torque (essentially a second motor attached to the front gearbox)

byte 6 is which motors are enabled, 0x00,0x02=no inverter response to torque, 0x03=front motor responds (possibly rear also), 0x04=generator only responds to torque, 0x05=generator and front motor respond to torque.


Can H - Green - pin 3

MSDN - ? - pin 4

IGN 12V - ? - pin 5

Can L - Black - pin 8

GND - ? - pin 10