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How do I set up my synchronous motor?

What is the minimum battery voltage for the engine to work with your board?

concerning the board there is no minimum voltage

How to power the motor from an industrial network 220/380 (600V power stage)?

You can't. 380Vac rectified is 540V DC. This is too close to the break down voltage of 600V IGBTs

For 1200V power stages get a simple 3-phase diode rectifier.

What gas pedal do you recommend?

What is the guarantee (time) for kits?

The boards are fully tested to check for exactly these kinds of faults. They leave here in definite working condition. Should you discover an obvious mechanical fault on delivery or should the board not power up (ALIVE LED blinking) when connecting nothing but GND and 12V I will replace it free of charge.

This is not a finished product. It is you who builds the finished product and it depends on your skills whether the boards remains in a working condition.

I want to use the board with an encoder instead of a resolver, what do I need to change?

In any case you need to change the parameter "encmode" to "AB" for quadrature (2-channel) encoders or "Single" for single channel encoders.

  • If you already have power for your encoder, you only need to populated R17 and R18 with 510 Ohm pull-up resistors
  • The latter is not needed if you have a push-pull type encoder
  • If you need 5V for your encoder, you may bridge R1 and R28 with solder. This provides GND on Pin 2 and 5V on Pin 4
  • ABZ encoders are not recommended and thus not described for now

Leaf Drop-in board

What voltage and current do you recommend for power?

Estimated max power at 380V is about 140kW. It will decrease linearly with battery voltage.

How do I swap the board?