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A VCU can mean many things, but for the purposes of this page, a VCU means any programmable 12V controller that is designed or found to be useful in an EV conversion.

While "Primary use case" tells you what these controllers are intended for, the other fields tell you what they're capable of when configured or re-programmed for your use case.

In the spirit of open source, controllers with open source features are added leftmost on the table.


  • Add other VCUs that have been used by people on the openinverter forums
  • Fill in missing info
  • Add links

Add open source VCUs:

Add closed source VCUs:

The comparison table

VCU Comparison
Comparison ZombieVerter GEVCU7 Mini-E-VCU iPDM56v1.1
Open source software (link) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Open source hardware (link) Yes No Yes No
Schematics and board layouts (link) Yes No Yes Yes
In stock (link) Yes Yes No 2023-02
Price inc. VAT + shipping + enclosure 350€ 1500€ ~80€ 140€
External connector pins 56 48 56
External connector pin size (A) 5A? ? 6A/12A 5A?
Primary use case Inverter control including Toyota CAN inverter control, logging Outlander inverter Power distribution, I/O extension
Software platform libopeninv Arduino Arduino Arduino
External configuration interface Wifi Bluetooth, Wifi, USB serial ? USB serial, TTL serial
Configuration format Parameter list ? Arduino sketch, ready-made Arduino sketch, template
Out-of-the box supported inverter brands OpenInverter, Nissan, Toyota, Lexus, Outlander? DMOC, CODA, Brusa, PM100, C300 Outlander None
Official companion modules No No aot93's BMS and dash No
MCU family STM32F1 iMXRT1062 iMXRT1062(Teensy) AVR
Flash ? 16MB 16MB 32kB
RAM ? 1024kB 1024kB 2kB
Supply voltage range 8...16V
Standby mode description 6mA running Arduino sketch at slow clock speed
Buses 3x CAN, 1x Toyota, 1x LIN, 1x RS232? 3x CAN ? 2x CAN
Number of inputs 10? 12 ? 14
Analog inputs (including throttle and external NTC channels) 6? 8 ? 5
PWM inputs 2
Additional special inputs ? ? ? 12V battery voltage monitoring
Signal PWM outputs 1? 0
Power PWM outputs (low / high side, A) 3x L ?A 4x L 3A
Low-side power outputs, total A 5A? (limited by ground pin) 16A ? 20A
Low-side power outputs, count 9? 8 ? 10
High-side power outputs, total A ? ? ? 15A
High-side power outputs, count ? ? ? 10
Analog outputs 2x AC coupled, 2x digital resistors ? ? 2x 0-500mA low side slow
Sensor power outputs 5V 5V 700mA, 3.3V 400mA ? 5V 500mA
Outputs readable as inputs 8
Customizable jumpers/resistors 0? ? ? 32
Used in projects (links) Pretty much everything Damien does celeron55's Omega