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This is an attempt to get all openinverter hardware to follow a standard on their CAN bus communication. Since there is priority in the CAN bus data, it's important to have a standard.

The goal for this CAN table, is also to have a central computer/microcontroller with CAN (several CAN), wifi (ESP), maybe a display. Then all CAN based modules can be monitored/configured, from one ESP web server or display.

So I am encouraging all openiverter engineers to include CAN configuration and CAN messages in their design. If not we end up in having a lot of wifi modules and terminals programs scattered all over......


  • Openinverter
  • Simp BMS
  • Tesla Charger (only with CAN)
  • Isolation monitor
  • CAN display
  • HV voltage sensor/current sensor
  • Misc button, gear shift, menu selector, joystick
  • Brake and accelerator