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The inverter software continously checks it's inputs for implausibilities and error conditions. The last 4 errors are stored in RAM. They can be displayed by typing "errors" or pressing the according button on the web interface.

Error Codes

# Message Reaction Description
1 OVERCURRENT STOP HW overcurrent limit was hit
2 THROTTLE1 DISPLAY Throttle input 1 went out of range → 0 throttle assumed
3 THROTTLE2 DISPLAY Throttle input 2 went out of range
4 CANTIMEOUT DISPLAY No IO CAN messages for 500ms
5 EMCYSTOP STOP Emcystop pin went low
6 MPROT STOP Mprot pin went low
7 DESAT STOP Desat pin went low
8 OVERVOLTAGE STOP udcmax was hit
9 ENCODER DISPLAY Implausible pulses on encoder (only single mode)
10 PRECHARGE STOP udcsw was not reached after 5s of precharging
11 TMPHSMAX DERATE Derating because maximum heatsink temperature of 85°C reached
12 CURRENTLIMIT DERATE Derating because iacmax limit was approached
13 PWMSTUCK DISPLAY For pwmpol=0 all 6 PWM pins are expected low on start, and all high for pwmpol=1. Otherwise this error is generated
14 HICUROFS1/2 DISPLAY Current channel 1 or 2, respectively, is below 1.23 or above 2.06V when no current is flowing. Check wiring and voltage dividers
16 HIRESOFS DISPLAY Resolver feedback voltage is below 1.23 or above 2.06V when idle. Check wiring.
17 LORESAMP DISPLAY Resolver feedback voltage swing is below 0.8V peak-to-peak. Check wiring or raise amplitude of excitation.