CVT application on Toyota/Lexus gearboxes

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CVT application on Toyota/Lexus gearboxes

Post by Jacobsmess »

At this point in the video this guy demonstrates the CVT ratios by controlling the MG1 speed and direction, as I understand you need the ICE input to be moving to achieve this but it's got me wondering, has anyone experimented with this? I guess a small electric motor on the input could be enough (aka fruitloop setup :D ) to get higher speeds, I was mostly thinking about it with regards to the IS/GS 300H transmission which may be more limited with its gearing... or not....

anyway, this was interesting to me, I suspect it applies to all the Lexus/Toyota eCVTs
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Re: CVT application on Toyota/Lexus gearboxes

Post by Woodfie »

Have been fascinated by the E CVT for many years. As the high efficiency it achieves over other variable speed control methods, belts, endless chains etc.

With regard to experimenting with this, have had bench set ups with a separate torque control input for MG1, and another for MG2..
Then progressed to applying an input ICE to the splined shaft. The ICE speed is selected and set with a potentiometer to say 1500rpm,
This is independent of MG2 being at stand still or turning to drive the vehicle.
The rotating ICE is then supplied fuel, at this stage LPG injected in the inlet to stoichiometric ratio, and throttled to over speed the MG1 set speed. This then tries to lift MG1s speed, and has the effect of it becoming a generator, and power returning to the Hv bus, to be used by MG2, or returned to the Battery..
Basically a range extender...

Some limited test runs in a Bedford Campervan have been successful in maintaining battery Soc for short distance driving..
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