New Mach-E motor on discount

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New Mach-E motor on discount

Post by TheSilverBuick »

The local parts store has this for $1,400. The external cooler got damaged in shipping so the whole thing got returned.

I can't use it but dang its tempting. Its in Sparks, Nevada.
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Re: New Mach-E motor on discount

Post by P.S.Mangelsdorf »

I wish I had the dough. That's a great deal.
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Re: New Mach-E motor on discount

Post by EdvartsW4E »

On a side note- have a few ford mach e LR battery packs, completely new. Located in Europe tho....
selling at 10k per pack + Shipping
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Re: New Mach-E motor on discount

Post by 52I »

are you sure the discount isn't more about not being able to get an inverter/controller for this?

anybody have luck getting this going? (sorry, couldn't help asking again)
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