Ford Fusion Inverter Reverse Engineering

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Ford Fusion Inverter Reverse Engineering

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Started messing around with the inverter and this is what I've discovered so far, made a video because it would probably take longer to write down haha. Already shorted out the boost igbt so kinda sad about that.

It's a 30 minute video

If you don't wanna watch basically so far I've figured that you can drive the 12 main gates through the test points in the main board, without further modification. Have not figured out how to run the igbt driver board without the main board attached, as it does not want to switch gates without it.

Same for the boost igbt, but I'm not certain if I blew it by fat fingering my probe or if it doesn't work like I think it does. The main IGBT's at least do, so that's good.

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Re: Ford Fusion Inverter Reverse Engineering

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Great work. Thank you for sharing :)
I'm going to need a hacksaw
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