History Ford Ranger battery upgrade

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History Ford Ranger battery upgrade

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The Ford Ranger is a factory build Electric pickup vehicle. Year 1999-2001.
The lifetime of NiMh are very good, but many of these trucks would need new batteries.

There is not any good solution for upgrading to new battery chemistries.
Because the factory inverter, BCM (It's the BMS) and other modules, are talking together. And freaks out if you try to alter Volt, charging Ah. And giving flashing instrument lights.

The first version I made ("keep BCM happy") was an attempt to keep all the original modules, and spoof the current and voltage sensor. So the car would think everything was ok. This was actually working very well. But I did not make a proper PCB. If anyone are interested in this, please let me know. (See attached diagram.)
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But changed my mind when I found the Inverter kit from Johanns H.
Got it to work with the original IGBT driver, volt sensor and current sensor. And could trow out the original BCM, contactor box, IOM and charger :)

Had to do a lot of modifications to it, so I decided to make a custom PCB:

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