Identify the connector... Play the game!

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Identify the connector... Play the game!

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Hi All.
Maybe someone has come across one of these packs used in a car... They must be used by some OEM. I have seem similar bricks with VW badging on.

The Connector is for the Built in BMS board. The Only visible marking on the connector says 19G156
It appears to have a pin pitch of 2mm pitch... Possibly 1.8mm hard to measure even with digital calipers.
10 Way connector

These are pretty nifty battery bricks. 12S1P NMC cells 55Ah

Since it is pretty much impossible to ship used batteries anywhere, buying these from China was my only option.
I chose these specifically since they have this BMS board with the NXP MC33771C | 14-Channel Li-Ion Battery Cell Controller IC on the board and all you would need is a gateway.

A user on this forum sells such a gateway already. I just need to figure out this connector.
So far pretty stumped.
Maybe someone has a similar pack with a cable end connector attached that is more identifiable..
Thanks to anyone who participates in this game of discovery!
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