DC voltage via Tesla onboard charger

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DC voltage via Tesla onboard charger

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Dear experts and tinkerers , I was wondering if possible to use DC voltage to charge Tesla via onboard charger.

My understanding that any AC applied first will convert to DC vis rectifier so delivering DC would not change much.

Dos anyone know the answer or what would be strategy to test it?

First approach was to look at open EVSE which have transformerless(?) power module that can work from DC voltage and it should be able to provide all negations signals for onboard charger than question does onboard charger watches closely for frequency?

Another option would it be possible to full it with pulsed DC ?

If you wonder about applications of such hack:
-- String Solar Charging using onboard charger - direct connection to array with ability to get 8-12 kW charging without much of extra losses
-- DC battery bank direct DC charging

Another thing would be enabling such behavior via software if possible.
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