Tesla charger gen 3 contactors (GV150-002-A)

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Tesla charger gen 3 contactors (GV150-002-A)

Post by linda.ljungdahl »

Haven't seen anything on the contactors from the tesla supercharger contactor for DC/AC, so i thought i write down my findings.

The coil seem to be 12v, and it draws 2A at that voltage.
The contact holds down to 2v when already magnetized, where the draw 0.1A, so PWMing them seems like a good idea, :D
Coil resistance is about 5 ohm.
Since a pair of them are supposed to handle at least 250kw DC charging I assume the are good for around 125kw each at 500v, havent found any official spec on them though.

The pins on them strangley arent soldered to the PCB, so they are quite easy to remove once the big power terminals are unscrewed.
the two furtherest solder pins are a contactor help contact, and the two closest together the coil terminals.
I'm going to reuse two of them for CSS fast charging, so i'm CADing a mount for them that ill post here if anyone is interested.
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Re: Tesla charger gen 3 contactors (GV150-002-A)

Post by Sebuś »

Also looking for specifications of GV150-002-A contactors removed from HVJB Tesla Gen3 (US). I want to use these contactors to build a DC station in the garage. They will turn on more Gamatronic BC50 chargers (I have a lot of inverters from Better Place - battery replacement points). Have you already designed the housing for GB150-000-A contactors?
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