CHAdeMO Canbus decode DC Fast Charging

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CHAdeMO Canbus decode DC Fast Charging

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I have come across this decode data from what is exchanged between vehicle and EVSE im sure its probably on the forum somewhere but i thought i would add it again just incase.

Hope this helps :D
Table F.3 – The physical/data link layer specifications for system A

Communication protocol ISO 11898-1 and ISO 11898-2 The extension bit (12 − 29 bit) is not used.
Transmission rate (kbps) 500
Cycle 100 ms ± 10 %
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Re: CCS Canbus decode DC Fast Charging

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Looks much like CHAdeMO to me ;)
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Re: CCS Canbus decode DC Fast Charging

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Yes, this is CAN bus (Chademo uses CAN), not CCS (which uses powerline/homeplug). Regarding the real CCS, I collected some references in
I would vote to change "CCS" to "Chademo" in the headline.
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