Off-grid inverter feed with a 12Volt alternator

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Off-grid inverter feed with a 12Volt alternator

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Hi everybody, Can DC energy produced with a 12 volt alternator be converted to AC energy with an inverter? The alternator is variable speed. The operating voltage is fixed at 13.5 volts and the current produced varies between 45-110A depending on the alternator speed.

I want to convert a smart off-grid 1200Watt hybrid inverter into a standalone device for alternator, solar power and shore charging needed in a caravan or boat. Can the AC energy from this inverter connected to the alternator be used to feed the hybrid inverter's mains AC input?

You may suggest charging the batteries directly with the alternator. Since Lifepo4 batteries force the alternator to work at full capacity, the alternator overheats and burns out in a short time. Another reason to look for a different way to charge the batteries with the alternator is that the BMS-induced high charge voltage protection circuit inside the Lifepo4 batteries cuts the charge independently. In the meantime, it is aimed to stop the charging in a controlled manner in order to prevent damages caused by the overvoltage occurring in the alternator.
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Re: Off-grid inverter feed with a 12Volt alternator

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It doesn't quite work like that, you have to have a battery in the alternator circuit, it's there to smooth out the current output and help stop any surges in current from the alternator.
If you end up running a vehicle with no battery the alternator doesn't get a good reference of system voltage and fails very quickly, would imagine it's the same if you hooked it directly to the inverter
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