Multimeter - Which one?

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Multimeter - Which one?

Post by eCRX »

Hello, I have low grade multi-meters that i have used and abused on ICE projects throughout the years. I'd like to replace it with something durable that i can trust.

in my area (ontario canada) Fluke meters are used by many professionals, but i'm open to anything decent. can anyone recommend a well rounded model for an EV build? :ugeek:
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Re: Multimeter - Which one?

Post by PaulUdrea »

Hello eCRX, what did you end up buying? I am at this stage too. I have one from Canadian Tire ( I am in Ontario as well) which works quite well, but it doesn't have DC amp-meter. Home Depot has a model which I am considering, Klein Digital Clamp Meter. Link: ... 1001641860, for $148+tax. Any opinion about it?
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Re: Multimeter - Which one?

Post by Pete9008 »

I've got a few meters ranging from fairly cheap no brand ones to a mid range Fluke (10year old 177 model). The cheaper ones are OK but I never have quite the same confidence in the readings, they never seem to handle the knocks as well either. I trust the readings on the Fluke a lot more than the others. The downside of a Fluke is the cost to replace if it gets damaged; I've blown the fuses in it a few times and they cost as much to replace as a whole cheap meter. It also seems to have lasted a lot better but that may just be because I tend to treat it better!

Have used Flukes at work all my life and never come across one I didn't trust (although they were all calibrated regularly).

When doing electronics I reach for the Fluke but when in the garage working on the car use a cheaper one as it's more likely to get damaged.

If using it on HV circuits make sure that the meter insulation category/quality is up to it (and the test leads too).

I've been meaning to get a DC clamp ammeter for a while too. If anyone has a recommendation for a good one it would be appreciated.

Edit - I think it was the Uni-T clamp meters I was looking at previously which seemed to have a reasonable reputation but I've never personally used one.
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Re: Multimeter - Which one?

Post by janosch »

Pete9008 wrote: Thu Sep 22, 2022 2:30 pm If using it on HV circuits make sure that the meter insulation category/quality is up to it (and the test leads too).
Also make sure to plug the leads into the right holes before measuring a HV circuit. 💥
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