Peugeot E-208/Corsa E CATL BMS CAN decoding

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Peugeot E-208/Corsa E CATL BMS CAN decoding

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Hi All,

Fo my project I purchased a complete pack from a e208 that i got for a reasonable price from a breakers. However upon delivery one of the vents on the pack was damaged and the smell that was released was very akin to the smell of dead lipos, so I really wanted a way to be able to measure the cell voltages without opening the pack! Unfortunatly I didnt have any wiring diagrams for the car so I have had to crack it open anyway and turns out the dead lipo smell is actually a result of the comformal coating they use on the BMS board and slaves, so all is good (all cells 3.6V)

Anyway, now I have it open i have worked out the external connections and by applying power (wake and permanant) the BMS will send out all the cell voltages over CAN. Potentially if its possible to get access to a actual vehicle this BMS could be used as is in projects.

At the moment I have only opened the front of the pack, so have not worked out all the internal wiring. No CAN messages need to be sent to the BMS to get data and the BMS already has 120Ohm termination inside.

I have only started decoding, some of my findings:

Voltages decoded for all cells, but i dont yet know which cell is in which module! Only the lowest module is known as its accesible!.

Temps seem to be in 6d1 -> 6e6, but have not worked out scaling.

Other observations:


on power up

67 40 00 c4 62 58 20 00

on removing the HV measure CON (which has pack voltage on)

67 40 00 00 62 58 20 00

Charging the lowest module with 5Amps through the current shunt

67 40 01 c4 62 55 20 00

back to zero A

67 40 00 c4 62 58 20 00

pink wire
21 0a
22 12

CAN DBC file is here :

PINOUT of main external connector:

White -> Pin 1 -> CAN H
Yellow -> Pin 2 -> CAN L
Brown -> Pin 4 -> Input??
Green -> Pin 5 -> BMS Wake
White -> Pin 7 -> BMS Permenant
Yellow -> Pin 10 -> Into battery pack....
Pink -> Pin 11 -> Input
Red -> Pin 12 -> Interlock Loop -> Goes to front HV connector
Green -> Pin 14 -> BMS GND

I will add a full trace later

Anyone have access to the wiring diagram for this car?

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Re: Peugeot E-208/Corsa E CATL BMS CAN decoding

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Nice i follow this one :)
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see for bespoke modules.
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