Chademo charging!

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Chademo charging!

Post by EvSteeve »

Hi guys!

I'm currently in the progress of installing a leaf setup, using the motor, inverter and pdm, we are using the ZombieVerter to control.

I'm hoping to use the chademo setup within the pdm, Has anyone made progress with implementing this with the ZombieVerter?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Chademo charging!

Post by Bratitude »

i dont think anyone has, but should be very straightforward to use the current hardware layout and just control the contactors directly with your own logic.
though I bet the necessary CANBUS ids are floating around in some of the available leaf logs. pretty much everything else has been decoded. leaf couplers + adapter plates
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Re: Chademo charging!

Post by paaa »

I have chademo logs somewhere along with a.c. charging logs , I'll dig them out.
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Re: Chademo charging!

Post by Jack Bauer »

I'm going to need a hacksaw
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