What you need, cost and skills.

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What you need, cost and skills.

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This is a short list of stuff you need for upgrading Ford Ranger EV battery.

Ford Ranger EV
Ranger replacement inverter board.
Serial interface and comm. program (Johannes H. ESP wifi module)
Any lithium battery pack min 100V, max 400V. (Tesla Model S 60/75kWh)
BMS (Simp BMS for tesla modules)
CAN bus display.
New Charger/ modified original charger. (Tesla Gen-2)
AC inlet Type1/Type2
Old contactor box. (New contactors)
No battery cool/heat (Water cool/heat)
Old oil pressure switch (Analog oil pressure sensor 5V)

MODIFICATIONS: (Please read the other Ford Ranger treads, for details)
Replace temp sensor in inverter
Reuse old connector in inverter ECU
One new wire, from backup light to inverter.
Cut old J1850 bus, and connect to CAN bus
Cut some wires going to accelerator pot, connect to BMS, cruise switch, oil sensor and display.
Cut one wire going to the gear shift switch, use for 5V to the oil pressure sensor.
Remove two fault lamps, or reconnect to BMS.

Electronic/electric. Good
Programming. None (but very useful if you want to make some changes)
Mechanical. Medium

COST: (in EUR not included shipping)
Tesla 60kW batt pack 12000
Inverter board 600
Wifi module 18
Simp BMS 300
LEM current sensor 150
NEG and POS HV DC contactor 500
Charge DC contactor 120
Precharge relays 0 (reuse the old ones)
Tesla charger board 750
Tesla GEN2 charger 550
Charger 25mm2 HV cable 50
Connector for charger 120
EVSE IEC 62196 3p 32A 80
TEC for battery heat/cool 800
PSU for battery heat/cool 250
Water pipe and connectors 600
Water pump 80
Braided straps 150
Analog oil pressure sensor 30

To be continued!
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Re: What you need, cost and skills.

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thanks for sharing this information
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