Stellantis EV Day

EV and openinverter related news
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Stellantis EV Day

Post by P.S.Mangelsdorf »

Stellantis held (actually is holding right now) a press conference about their EV plans moving forward. You can watch it here:

Most interesting for me, as a muscle car guy, is the Dodge EV muscle car coming in 2024.

Most interesting for us as a community:
3 platforms
-medium luxury

3 Drive Units
- will all use the same inverter, with some changes in IGBT selection
- the control board will be the same across all 3 variants

2 Battery cell types
-nickle based
-nickle free

Edit to add: For those unaware, Stellantis is the merger of PSA Group and FCA. Their brands include:
- Dodge (& Mopar)
- Chrysler
- Jeep
- Ram
- Alfa Romeo
- Fiat (& Abarth)
- Citroen
- Peugeot
- DS
- Opel
- Vauxhall
- Maserati
- Lancia
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Re: Stellantis EV Day

Post by johu »

That's very good news about the inverter. Seems very worthwhile to do a swap board for.
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