VW Electromechanical Power Steering Rack

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VW and other VAG group Vehicles prior to switching to an electric steering column for assist had an electrically assisted steering rack. Golf MK5 for example.

Part Number Generation Vehicle Market
1K1 909 144 L MK5 VW Golf LHD
1K2 909 144 F MK5 VW Golf RHD
VW electric steering rack.jpg


The rack can be used in failsafe mode simply by providing power to the unit as follows:

  • There's a 2 pin connector with beefy pins: connect pin 2 to a permanent 12V though an 80 amp fuse, connect pin 1 to ground. Enable the rack though a switched/ignition 12V feed (10A fuse) to pin 4 (EN) of the smaller data connector.

If you want to use dynamic assist levels, you'll need to connect pin 1 to CAN-L and pin 2 to CAN-H, and send out the RPM on 0x280 where Bytes 2 and 3 are RPM*4. This must be above 600 for it to provide assistance.

The rack broadcasts 0x3D0 and 0x3D2

Rack Pins