Toyota P610 CVT

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The P610 is considered a fourth generation e-CVT. It is cooled via an external heat exchanger. The rotors differ from previous generations where they sit parallel instead of inline with one another.

Model Code



  • Toyota Prius (2016-2022)
  • Toyota Prius Prime (2016-2022)



Rated Voltage: 600V

Max Output: 23 KW (31 HP)

Max Output Torque: 40 NM (30 lb-ft)

MAX RPM: 17000

Power split device planetary gearset ratio is 3.6:1.


Rated Voltage: 600V

Max Output Power: 53 KW (71 HP)

Max Output Torque: 163 NM (120 lb-ft)

Max RPM: 17000

Motor is sent through gear reduction of 3.118:1.

Final Drive Ratio

MG2 to final drive ratio: 10.838:1 (Prius), 12.3:1 (Prius Prime)

Ring to pinion gear ratio: 3.476:1 (Prius), 3.947:1 (Prius Prime)

Oil Pump

(Prius) Trochoid pump driven by engine shaft. It is a larger size compared to the P410 and P510. The pump is mounted internally.

(Prius Prime) External electric pump.

Fluid Capacity

??L of Toyota WS fluid.



179 lbs


MG1 & MG2 Stators

Temperature Sensor

MG1 & MG2 Resolvers

The connector also includes MG1 and MG2 temperature sensors

Park Shift Linkage Motor


Weber State University: 2016 - 2022 Prius, Prius Prime Transaxle - P610 Deep Dive

Wikipedia: Toyota Prius (XW50)