Toyota P410 CVT

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The P410 is considered a third generation e-CVT.

Model Code



  • Toyota Prius (2010-2015) - (How the Prius Hybrid Drivetrain Works (Explained))
  • Toyota Plug-in Hybrid (2012-2015)
  • Toyota Prius V (2010-2017)
  • Lexus CT 200h (2011-?)



Rated Voltage: 650V

Max Output: 42kW[1]

MAX RPM: 13500

Power Split Device (PSD)[2]

Planetary gears (4x) 23 teeth - carrier connected to transaxle input shaft and oil pump

Sun gear 30 teeth - connected to MG1

Ring gear 78 teeth - inside Drive Gear

Locked input shaft (stationary carrier) gives -2.6:1 ratio from MG1 to Drive Gear


Rated Voltage: 650V

Max Output Power: 60 KW (80 HP) (18 second rating to 150C stator temperature with 25C coolant temperature)[1]

Max Output Torque: 207 NM (153 lb-ft)[1] at ~250A[1]

Max RPM: 13500[1]

Motor Speed Reduction Gearset (MSR)[2]

Planetary gears (5x) 18 teeth - carrier connected to case/fixed.

Sun gear 22 teeth - connected to MG2

Ring gear 58 teeth - inside Drive Gear

MG2 to Drive Gear ratio 2.636:1

Final Drive Ratio[2]

Drive Gear 55 teeth - contains PSD and MSR ring gears

Counter Driven Gear 54 teeth - on same shaft as Final Drive gear

Drive Gear to Counter Driven Gear ratio 1.0815:1

Final Drive Gear 24 teeth

Differential Ring Gear (Final Driven Gear) 77 teeth

Final Drive Ratio 3.208:1

MG2 to axle output total gear ratio 8.613:1

MG1 to axle output total gear ratio with locked input shaft 8.495:1

Oil Pump

Trochoid pump driven by engine shaft. The pump is mounted externally on the case.

Fluid Capacity

??L of Toyota WS fluid.



202.8 lbs


MG1 Stator

MG2 Stator

MG1 Resolver and Temperature Sensor

MG1 Resolver and Temperature Sensor.jpg
PIN Label Descriptoin Factory Wire Color
1 (upper right) GRF EXC Pink
2 GSN SIN Black
3 GCS COS Gray
4 (upper left) GMT Temp Black
5 (lower right) GRG EXCG Brown
6 GSNG SING Purple
8 (lower left) GMTG Temp Ground Red

MG2 Resolver

MG2 Resolver Gen 3.jpg
PIN Label Description Factory Wire Color
1 (top) MSN SINE Blue
2 MCS COS White
3 MRF Exciter Brown
4 MSNG SINE Ground Red
5 MCSG COS Ground Yellow
6 (bottom) MRFG Exciter Ground Green

MG2 Temperature Sensor

MG2 Temperature Sensor.jpg
PIN Label Description Factory Wire Color
1 MMTG Temp Sensor Ground Black
2 MMT Temp Sensor Red

Park Shift Linkage Motor


Weber State University: 2010 - 2015 Prius Transaxle - P410 Deep Dive

Toyota Prius (XW30) Wikipedia (How the Prius Hybrid Drivetrain Works (Explained))