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The P310 is considered a third generation e-CVT with two planetary gearsets, one for "motor speed reduction" which reduces the speed of the MG1 rotor. Derivatives include P311, P312, P313, and P314 (should these get their own pages?).

Model Code



MG2 drive motor 1JM[1]

  • Toyota Highlander (2006-2010)
  • Toyota Kluger Hybrid
  • Toyota Harrier Hybrid
  • Lexus RX 400h (2005-?)


MG2 drive motor 2JM[1]

  • Toyota Camry Hybrid
  • Lexus HS250h


  • Nissan Altima Hybrid


MG2 drive motor 6JM[1]

  • Lexus RX 450h
  • Toyota Highlander


MG2 drive motor 2JM[1]

  • Toyota Camry Hybrid
  • Lexus NX 300h
  • Toyota RAV4 Hybrid



Rated Voltage: 650V

Max Output: ? P310, 35kW (estimate from 2007 ORNL Camry testing, see page 79)[2] P311, ? P312-P314


Power Split Device (PSD)

Planetary gears (4x) 23 teeth - carrier connected to transaxle input shaft and oil pump

Sun gear 30 teeth - connected to MG1

Ring gear 78 teeth - inside Drive Gear

Locked input shaft (stationary carrier) gives -2.6:1 ratio from MG1 to Drive Gear


Rated Voltage: 650V

Max Output Power: 123kW (P310)[3] 105kW - published, 70kW 18 second rating to 150C stator temp at 25C coolant temp[2] (P311), 123kW (P313)[1], 105kw - published (P314)[1]

Max Output Torque: 333Nm (P310)[3], 270Nm (P311)[2], 325Nm (P313)[1], 270Nm (P314)[1]

Max RPM: 12,400 (P310)[3], 14,000RPM (P311)[2]

Motor Speed Reduction Gearset (MSR)[2][4]

Planetary gears (5x) 18 teeth - carrier connected to case/fixed.

Sun gear 22 teeth (P310) 23 teeth (P311) - connected to MG2

Ring gear 58 teeth (P310) 57 teeth (P311) - inside Drive Gear

MG2 to Drive Gear ratio 2.636 (P310) 2.478:1 (P311)

Final Drive Ratio[2][4]

Drive Gear 55 teeth - contains PSD and MSR ring gears

Counter Driven Gear 54 teeth - on same shaft as Final Drive gear

Drive Gear to Counter Driven Gear ratio 1.0815:1

Final Drive Gear 23 teeth (P310, P311)

Differential Ring Gear (Final Driven Gear) 80 teeth (P310, P311)

Final Drive Ratio 3.478:1 (P310, P311)

MG2 to axle output total gear ratio 9.339:1 (P310) 8.778:1 (P311)

MG1 to axle output total gear ratio with locked input shaft 9.779 (P310, P311)

Oil Pump

Trochoid pump driven by engine shaft. The pump is mounted externally on the case.

Fluid Capacity

??L of Toyota WS fluid.



P311 Camry: 108kg[2]


MG1 Stator

MG2 Stator

MG1 Resolver

MG2 Resolver

Park Shift Linkage Motor