Toyota/Lexus MGR Rear Transaxle Motor

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Found on numerous Toyota and Lexus models (see list to the left), the MGR (or Motor Generator Rear) is an electric rear differential meant to provide occasional 4WD/AWD to the company's larger 4WD models.

For conversion/project purposes the MGR is suitable for lighter models given the torque available or could potentially be used front and/or rear, and/or with a secondary motor.

As the motor was designed to be used occasionally as a rear motor, potential need for additional cooling dependent on the application

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part numbers and there stated output:


Power/Torque output: (18 kW / 108 Nm)

Gear ratio: 6.311:1 (Estima), 6.859:1 (Alphard)

Layout: 3-shaft

Capacity - 1.5 l (ATF Type T-IV)


Peak Power:/Torque output: (50 kW / 130 Mm or 139 Nm)

Gear ratio: 6.859:1 (1st stage 23:40, final gear 18:71)

Layout: 3-shaft

Capacity - 1.8 l (ATF WS)

Module weight - 41.8 kg


Peak Power:/Torque output: (5.0 or 5.3 kW / 55 Nm or 2.2kW/44nm, 201V), induction type

Gear ratio - 10.487:1 (1st stage - 17:39, final gear - 14:64)

Layout: 2-shaft (motor is coaxial with differential)

Capacity - 1.2-1.3 l (ATF WS)

Module weight - 29.2 kg


Peak Power:/Torque output: (40 kW / 120 Nm)

Gear ratio - 10.781 (1st stage - 15:41, final gear - 18:71)

Layout: 3-shaft

Differential with pre-load spring washers

Capacity - 1.7 l (ATF WS)

Module weight - 41.1 kg

these trans axles can be found on a variety of lexus and toyota vehicles:


  • Alphard ATH10
  • Estima AHR10


  • Alphard/Vellfire ATH20
  • Alphard/Vellfire AYH30
  • Estima AHR20
  • Harrier MHU38
  • Harrier AVU65
  • Highlander MHU28
  • Highlander MHU48
  • Highlander GVU48
  • Highlander GVU58
  • Kluger MHU28
  • Lexus RX400h MHU38
  • Lexus RX450h GYL15
  • Lexus RX450h GYL25
  • Lexus NX300h AYZ15
  • RAV4 AVA44


  • Camry AXVH75
  • Corolla ZWE214W
  • Corolla Touring ZWE214W
  • Lexus UX250h MZAH15
  • Prius ZVW55
  • Yaris MXPH15
  • Yaris Cross MXPJ15


  • RAV4 AXAH54
  • Highlander AXUH78


Resolver Connector MGR

These are the parts numbers for the resolver and temperature sensor connections.

Resolver: Toyota 90980-11034, Yazaki 7283-7062-40

Temp sensor: Toyota 90980-11143, Sumitomo TS090 6248-5317