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NOTE : This motor is as of yet untested in a real world application.

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The L210 is a continuously variable transmission (CVT) which can be found in the Lexus gs300h. It is very similar in design to the GS450h CVT. It contains two motor-generators - MG1 and MG2. When used as originally intended, MG1 is spun by the ICE, via a planetary gear system, and acts primarily as a generator. MG1 also acts as a starter motor for the ICE. MG2 is connected to the output shaft via a second planetary gear system to provide traction directly to the rear wheels.

The ratio between MG1 and the output shaft is 2.6:1. The ratio between MG2 and the output shaft is 3.333:1.

The official power output of the CVT is 105kW and 300Nm of torque[4], but this has yet to be tested.

For use in a pure EV application, the ICE input shaft can be locked stationary with a plate or bar. This allows traction to be provided by both MG1 and MG2.

1 - motor-generator MG1, 2 - input shaft, 3 - power split planetary gear (PSD), 4 - intermediate shaft, 5 - sun gear (MSR), 6 - ring gear (MSR), 7 - output shaft, 8 - planetary carrier (MSR), 9 - motor speed reduction planetary gear (MSR), 10 - pinion gear (MSR), 11 - motor-generator MG2, 12 - planetary carrier (PSD), 13 - ring gear (PSD), 14 - pinion gear (PSD), 15 - sun gear (PSD)
1 - motor-generator MG1, 2 - damper, 3 - mechanical oil pump, 4 - motor speed reduction planetary gear, 5 - motor-generator MG2, 6 - power split planetary gear (PSD)

Part Numbers

Part numbers include 30920-30030. The CVT can be found in the Lexus GS300h, Lexus IS300h, Lexus RC300h and Toyota Crown Hybrid(G9200-30131). The matching inverter is part number G9200-30132, which is a Gen 3 inverter.



Bellhousing diameter =400 mm ,

Length bellhousing face to drive flange face 720mm

Diameter main body 330mm front to 250 rear

Tailshaft length 210mm

Weight 90kg


3D Scan:

Oil pump

One key difference between the L210 (gs300h) and the L110 (gs450h) is that the L210 only has an internal oil pump.

On the L210 the internal oil pump is driven by both the ICE and/or the rotation of MG2. So, even when you lock the ICE input shaft to allow MG1 to provide traction, MG2 will still drive the oil pump whenever the car moves. Since there are no gears/speeds in this CVT (and hence no clutch packs, etc.), the oil is only required for cooling and lubricating the bearings.

The takeoff for the oil cooler is 10mm OD so needs 10mm ID hose.


9200-30131-inverter side.png


The connector for this inverter is available from Toyota dealers. The part numbers you need are:

  • Plug: 90980-12992[5] (approximately 20 euros)
  • Seals to plug unused connections: 90980-09871
  • Terminal 1: 82998-24250
  • Terminal 2: 82998-12790
  • Terminal 3: 82998-24420[6]
  • Alternative Source[7] for the Connectors on Aliexpress: [8] and [9]

Inverter/trans pair can be controlled by OI Zombieverter VCU Here ZombieVerter VCU

+12V input needs to be fused at 5A

Left hand side

Left hand side connections
  1. MG1 3-phase power connection
  2. MG1 resolver (and temperature) port
  3. MG2 resolver (and temperature) port

Right hand side

Right hand side connections
  1. Input/output from/to oil cooler radiator
  2. Mechanical shifter and shift sensor port
  3. Ground strap
  4. MG2 3-phase power connection


Sumitomo 6189-1240 8-WAY

Motor side connection

1 2 3 4

White Red Yellow White ( colours inside motor )



White Black Blue Green ( colours inside motor )

5 6 7 8

For connections to inverter, MG1 connections have prefix G... MG2 have prefix M...

But check for yourself as per Damien's tuning video

Shift sensor


part number: 89451-30010

Connector: SUMITOMO 90980-12362

Position 1 being the sprung return and 5 being park

Pin 3 is common, you can see there is a direct connection to

a pin for each position and a secondary connection to either 2,5,9

this could be used as an error check[10]

Output flange

Bolt pattern: About 100mm from hole to hole (~58mm radius) (compared to GS450H's 91mm (or 52.5mm radius)).


ICE input shaft coupling

23mm shaft diameter , 21 spline

OEM numbers : Daihatsu 31250-14090; Lexus 31250-14010; Toyota 31250-12040;

Confirmed that Blueprint ADT33102, ADT33127 [11] clutch plate or equivalent is a good fit.