Tesla Model S/X GEN3 Charger

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The Tesla GEN3 is a single/three phase AC charger that was fitted in the Model S starting with the 2016 'facelift' model. The GEN3 has been fitted on all Model X models.

It is 566mm long, 360mm wide and 90mm high, without the water ports on both small sides. On the underside there are 8 M6 threads to attach.

"Running a Tesla charger at much under 200v dc will cause it to explode. Yes I know the label says 50 to 450v but it lies. Yes I blew one up discovering this."

P/N 103564701C device is 3phase EU version of 72A output charger! On the outside you can distinguish it by a sticker on the side which says 3PH


Charger with top cover removed


Step 1, to confirm all modules charger work you can connect 12V between top and bottom leftmost pins of the LV connector. Every modul lits its standby LED.


Step 2, was to remove internal components from contactor box in front of the modules. There are DC rails, AC rails, fuse and contactors which we will not use.

Image from Damiens github repo to clarify pin no 1

Step 3, inspect each power modules contact points with control board. This is where we will apply new wiring to be able to control the charger. See wiring table of module pinout.

Wiring of the internal module pins.jpg

gen 3 controller