Opel Power Steering Pump

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This type of power steering pump is made by TRW and used in the Opel/Vauxhall Astra G and Zafira A. It's called the "Type 2" or "TRW 2" pump and is known to be quite noisy.

The correct oil for this pump is Fuchs TITAN CHF202 (formerly known as Pentosin CHF202) or anything that fulfills the Opel requirement 19 40 766. It has a green color. [1]

Electrical Connection [2]

Schematic from the Opel Astra G

Pinout and Cables

Wire Colors and Functions
Cable Color Gauge Function
Red 10mm² +12V Supply
Brown 10mm² Chassis Ground
Black 0.75mm² +12V Ignition Signal
Blue-White 0.75mm² Alternator Pin 61
Brown-White 0.75mm² K-Bus Diagnostics

To ensure a quick start up of the pump the signals on the black and blue-white wire need to be sequenced. The black wire indicates that the ignition is on. This alone does not start the pump, probably to save battery capacity for starting the internal combustion engine. Only if there's voltage on the blue-white wire present the pump starts. This would be connected to the alternator to indicate the engine is running and the alternator provides enough current to feed the power steering pump.

Connecting both wires together and feeding them +12V at the same time works as well, but results in slow spool up of the pump.

K-Bus Communications

The pump can be accessed for diagnostics via K-Bus. This has not been reverse engineered yet.

Power Consumption

The pump should be connected via an 80A fuse to the 12V. The initial current will be quite high, the idle current should be around 6A without delta pressure from the steering column.

Mechanical Connection and Dimensions

The hydraulic high pressure line has an M16x1.5 thread [3].

  • Diameter: Return line
  • Thread of high pressure line
  • Mounting: Threads, Angle, ...