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there are a large variety of electric motors, the two main types are:

AC motors

AC motors take some form of alternating current and convert it into torque.

there are a large variety of ac motors available, and all modern evs and hybrids use some type of a AC motor.

3-phase AC motors require some form of inverter to drive and control them.

DC motors

DC motors are an old technology no longer used in ev's. they generally are not worth your time.

controlling them requires a very simple voltage regulator.

This page is intended as a listing page for available motors suitable for conversion projects. Each listing is planned to lead to a more detailed page regarding the motor.

OEM Motors

Taken from existing vehicles

Picture Name/link Manufacturer Models Found On Part No/s FWD/RDW/AWD Description
LEXUS RX 400H 2004-2008 209048010.jpg
Toyota/Lexus MGR Rear Transaxle Motor Toyota/Lexus
  • Alphard/Vellfire ATH20
  • Alphard/Vellfire AYH30
  • Estima AHR20
  • Harrier MHU38
  • Harrier AVU65
  • Highlander MHU28
  • Highlander MHU48
  • Highlander GVU48
  • Highlander GVU58
  • Kluger MHU28
  • Lexus RX400h MHU38
  • Lexus RX450h GYL15
  • Lexus RX450h GYL25
  • Lexus NX300h AYZ15
  • RAV4 AVA44

(2FM - Motor code)




Found on numerous Toyota and Lexus models (see list to the left), the MGR (or Motor Generator Rear) is an electric rear differential meant to provide occasional 4WD/AWD to the company's larger 4WD models.

For conversion/project purposes the MGR is suitable for lighter models given the torque available or could potentially be used front and/or rear, and/or with a secondary motor.

As the motor was designed to be used occasionally as a rear motor, there is a need or potential need for cooling dependent on the application.

GS450h L110 Transmission.jpg
Lexus GS450h Toyota/Lexus Lexus GS450h L110 RWD Popular conversion project motor, the GS450h has two motors as part of a gearbox mated to an ICE engine. MG1 and MG2, one of which is generally used to start the ICE, the second used to provide drive to the wheel in electric only mode.

The input shaft from the ICE can be secured and both motors can then be used to drive the output shaft.

The popularity and conversation around it comes from the fact it is likely to occupy the same space as a rear wheel drive gearbox leaving the majority of the engine bay free and obviously joining to the existing rear propshaft.

LS600hL L110F Transmission.jpg
Lexus LS600h Toyota/Lexus Lexus LS600h

Toyota Century (2018+)

L110f AWD Functionally the same as the GS450h(?) but splits the output front and rear like a traditional 4WD gearbox.
Lexus GS300h Toyota/Lexus Lexus GS300h L210 RWD Very similar to the GS450h setup.
Prius Transaxle Toyota/Lexus Prius (1998-2003) P111 FWD Mated to a transversally mounted front wheel drive ICE, the Prius transaxle has two motors contained with it. MG1 and MG2. One of which is generally used to re/start the ICE motor and the second used to drive the car in electric only mode.

The two motors can be combined for greater power output.

The unit itself lends itself to replace the engine and gearbox from FWD front engined vehicles as it largely occupies a similar space as the existing gearbox and frees the space where the engine would sit.

Prius Transaxle Toyota/Lexus Prius (2004-2009) P112 FWD
Highlander Transaxle Toyota/Lexus Highlander (2006-2010)

RX 400h (? - ?)

P310 FWD Used in AWD applications in conjunction with Q211.
RX 450h Transaxle Toyota/Lexus RX 450h (? - ?) P313 FWD
NX 300h Transaxle Toyota/Lexus NX 300h (2014 - ?) P314 FWD
Prius Transaxle Toyota/Lexus Prius (2010-2015)

CT 200h (2011-?)

Auris (2010-2018)

P410 FWD
Prius Transaxle Toyota/Lexus Prius C (2012-2017) P510 FWD
Prius Transaxle Toyota/Lexus Prius Prime (2016- ) P610 FWD
Nissan LEAF Transaxle Nissan LEAF (2013-present) EM57 FWD
Nissan LEAF Transaxle Nissan LEAF (2011-2012) EM61 FWD
Tesla Small Drive Unit Tesla Model S/X FWD



Tesla Large Drive Unit Tesla Model S/X FWD



Outlander Rear Motor.jpg
Mitsubishi Outlander Rear Drive Unit Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Y61 RWD This motor is found on the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. It is the motor which drives the rear differential unit. There may be 3 different versions of this motor - 50kW, 60kW and 70kW (from PHEV 2018 on). The same motor may also be used in the i-MiEV.

The Openinverter Forum has a dedicated board here:

Mitsubishi Outlander Front Transaxle Mitsubish Outlander PHEV The front transaxle from the Outlander PHEV has a motor and generator.

Generic Motors

Multiple applications but designed to fit EV use, or fall within power/torque range for use

Picture Name/link Manufacturer Part No/s Description
Hyundai/Kia HSG Hyundai/Kia Designed as a belt driven starter/generator for Kia/Hyundai's hybrid vehicles. Rated ~8kW, but capable of more. Water cooled, with 3 phase input and resolver and temp outputs.
Alternators Various Certainly low power, questionable efficiency, the main attraction with these is their robustness and low cost. The ability to drive the field coil directly opens interesting characteristics...