Mitsubishi Outlander Rear Drive Unit

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Property Value Source
Device Combined Motor, Gearbox and Rear Differential
OEM Mitsubishi
Type AC Motor 8 Pole 3 Phase synchronous perm magnet brushless

Manufacturer Meidensha
Suppliers Ebay, Second Life EV Batteries
Max RPM 9600RPM
Mechanical Mounting 6x 55mm M10x1.25 Fine Thread Bolt front face flange (all in same plane)

3x 30mm M12x.25 Fine Thread Bolt Rear Flange (all in same plane) used for bush mount on Outlander

Author experience
Shaft Type 20.02mm 18 splines, ~60mm long

Clutch plate from a Suzuki Jimny SJ410 appears to fit, part number ADK83106
Resolver SIN COS - P/N C69600/TS2239N484E102

Believed to be similar to Nissan Leaf resolver
Cooling Water/glycol cooling (Blue on Outlander) Author experience
Weight 42kg motor, 15.5kg differential, 3kg brackets,
Power To Weight Ratio 70kW Motor: 1.66 kW/kg
Diff Ratio 7.065:1
Motor Part Numbers 9499D146 (01/08/13 > 30/09/17) GG2W 2000 plug in hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander Online Parts Catalogue
Motor Part Numbers 9411A078 (01/05/18 > ) GG2W 2000 plug in hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander Online Parts Catalogue
Motor Part Numbers 9411A078 (01/05/18 >) GG3W 2400 plug in hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander Online Parts Catalogue
3D Printable Parts 3 Phase & Resolver
Outlander PHEV transmission oil replacement: 60.000KM or when is changing color(red to black)/smell(burned)

Quantity Rear F1E1A - 0.85L Use ATF SP III MZ312096K 1L

Example Ebay Listing:


The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid) uses 3x AC motor/generators - 2 in the front gearbox (One is designated as a generator) and 1 in the rear. The rear motor appears to be the more powerful of the 3, and it is coupled to a rear differential unit which is mounted underneath the vehicle. The Rear differential has female driveshaft splines and a ratio of 7.065:1. The motor is driven by a dedicated rear inverter unit, and the combined system appears to have different power ratings in different model years. The whole unit could lend itself well to rear engined/rear wheel drive EV conversion applications - e.g. Toyota MR2, VW Beetle, rear engined Porsches, Lotus. Brat Industries has a shaft adapter that allows various flanges. The Motor can also be easily decoupled from the Gearbox/Differential unit and with an adaptor plate and coupling could be used on either Front wheel drive applications, or Front engined, rear wheel drive. There are already some examples of the drive being used with the OpenInverter, and also with the OEM motor inverter.

Power Rating

It is possible that the motor is the same for all model years (all use the Y61 designation) and either inverter is different or increased power output is from software only. 2018 models have 13.6kWh battery rather than 12kWh.

Model Years Motor Power Motor Torque Part Number
TBC - TBC 50 kW TBC Y61
TBC - 2018 60 kW 195Nm Peak @ 0-4500rpm Y61
2018 - 70 kW 195Nm Peak @ 0-4500rpm Y61

Mitsubishi/FUSO part numbers include 9411A078[1], 9499D132, 9499D146, and MEIDEN part numbers include F1E1A2B5Z


High Voltage

3x 3 phase lug connections with HV gland plate[2]


Inverter UVW.png

Signal Connector

Resolver/Temperature sensor: Hirose GT18WB-14DS-HU


Resolver Connector Colours/Resistance:

R12 - 35,5R Black, White

S13 - 86,4R Green, Red

S24 - 78,5R Yelow, Blue

The polarity of all six wires have to be correct in order for the motor to work.

Resolver/Temperature sensor OEM cable/harness part number: 8556A131 (can be used as a source for the connector if stock of the Hirose connector isn't available)

Pinout of Resolver/Temperature Sensor connector:

Pin Label Description
1 N/A Not used
2 TG2 Temperature sensor 2 ground
3 TG1 Temperature sensor 1 ground
4 RGND Resolver ground
5 S4 Cos connection
6 S3 Sin connection
7 R2 Exciter connection
8 N/A Not used
9 TH2 Temperature sensor 2
10 TH1 Temperature sensor 1
11 N/A Not used
12 S2 Cos connection
13 S1 Sin connection
14 R1 Exciter connection

Vehicle Wiring Diagrams

Mechanical Dimensions

Outer Dimensions

Outlander Rear Motor Face
Outlander Rear Motor Face
Outlander Rear Motor Length
Outlander Rear Motor Length