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CAD Library of EV components: CAD Models

A open data base for different mechanical hardware designs

  • adapter plates
  • motor couplers
  • drive shaft flanges
  • covers, caps, shields,
  • etc

Very instructable video about driveshaft extension:

zero ev CAD library

motor source status gearbox source status
Nissan leaf gen 2+ (em57)

fits! vintage VW
Nissan leaf gen 1 (em61) untested Nissan 5 speed 71B fits!
Mitsubishi outlander rear motor adapter plate with nema b-face pattern.

untested bmw untested
Toyota Prius transaxle
Lexus GS450h locking plate
tesla model 3
3d printed parts
parts for: function status source
molex memx cinch modice headers and encloser 3d printable versions of the molex memx, used for many different vcu boards.
toyota prius gen 3 inverter HV+LV conections fits!

toyota prius gen 2 inverter HV and MG adaptors/blanks
nissan leaf battery LV conector
nissan leaf gen 2 + inverter HV connection cover
gs450h inverter HV connections
mitsubishi outlander rear inverter HV connections

mitsubishi outlander rear inverter 3D Scan
mitusbishi charger conectors
mitsubishi outlander rear Motor Resolver connector cable gland replacement
mitsubishi outlander rear Motor 3D Scan
mitsubishi outlander rear Gearbox 3D Scan
VW Golf GTE Battery 3D printable Terminal cover Fits
Gs450H Inverter HV inlet blanking plate Fits
Gs450H Inverter side HV inlet