Hyundai/Kia HSG

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These motors are designed as a belt driven starter/generator for Kia and Hyundai's hybrid vehicles. They have a water jacket (stator and rotor etc remain dry), poly-v pulley and provision for a bolt on belt tensioner.


Rated Power 8.5kW
Phase connections 3 phase input, accessible by factory connector/harness, or by ring terminals by removing covers
Phase-phase DC resistance ~0.2Ω
Position feedback Resolver, <?> poles. On 10 pin connector
Temperature feedback Yes, on 10 pin connector. ~125kΩ at 20°C
Pole pairs 3
Water connections 2x <?>mm
Mechanical output Poly-v belt pulley


The large connector is the three phases. These can be used with the factory connector (part number <?>), or by removing the two covers (JIS screws) and connector (4x 10mm hex head screws externally, plus 3x 4mm hex 'allen' head screws on the internal phase connectors) the three phase connections become available using 6mm ring terminals.

The 10 pin Econoseal connector includes the resolver connections, temperature sensor connections and two shield connections (connected to case internally)

10 pin connector pinout