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Model S/X

Drive Units

Other HV systems


Model 3/Y

Drive Units

Other HV systems


Sourcing Tesla Drive Units

2012-2017* Model S/X Drive Units
Trim Designation Front Drive Unit Rear Drive Unit
## N/A Base LDU
P## N/A Sport** LDU
P##D SDU Sport LDU
* Depending on the source, in either 2017 or 2019 Tesla began changing drive unit selections in the Model S and X

**UPDATED 6 May 2021: Based on thread found here: Teardown - Tesla LDU - Inverter - openinverter forum, the base and sport LDUs use different IGBTs

SDU: Small Drive Unit (note: there are two different cases for the SDU, front and rear)

LDU: Large Drive Unit