This kit includes all parts for the control logic of a 3-phase inverter and it's interface to a power stage. That means you will need to design your own power stage. The reason is that power electronics are expensive and heavy. So first of all I don't want to stock them, second of all I don't want to ship huge parcels.

For support please use the forum

You will find documentation here:

Images above are for demonstration only, you need to hand-populate all components (except for the red Olimex boards, of course). You do not need to order a Wifi module separately, it is included!

Here is the complete part list:

  • 3 dual gate drivers
    • PCB
    • 2 DC/DC converters per driver
    • 2 Si8261 gate drive isolators per driver
    • all needed resistors, capacitors and pin headers
  • 2 current sensor boards
    • Board is tied directly to phase output cable
    • Melexis hall current sensors
    • all needed resistors, capacitors and pin headers
  • 1 Voltage sense board
    • Isolated bus voltage sensing
    • JCurve temperature sensor formed like a lug, so can be directly mounted on heat sink
    • all needed resistors, capacitors and pin headers
  • 1 main board
    • Olimex STM32-H103 MCU board (pre-programmed)
    • Olimex MOD-WIFI-ESP8266 for Wifi connectivity (pre-programmed)
    • Buck converter
    • 4-channel comparator for over current protection
    • 500mA Output transistors for digital outputs
    • all needed resistors, capacitors and pin headers
  • Connectors
    • Ribbon cable
    • 24-pole pin header connector
    • 16-pole pin header connector
    • 14-pole pin header connector
    • Molex connectors (4x4-pin, 2x3-pin, 1x2-pin)

If you buy this kit, you need the following parts to complete the inverter:

  • IGBTs (400A, 1200V or less depending on your requirements)
  • DC bus caps (elcap or filmcap, depending on your requirements. 800µF or more)
  • Snubber caps (about 1µF film cap)
  • Heat sink and case
  • waterproof cable bushing for power cables
  • waterproof connector for control signals
  • Mounting material for fixing the PCBs to the case (screws, angles)

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Inverter Kit Rev 2

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