• Inverter Service Package

Have you bought a community product and don't feel comfortable seeking information yourself? Or built a board yourself and can't get going? Are you facing seemingly insurmountable issues and don't know who to ask?

Now you can buy the inverter support package. I will do whatever is remotely (as in I can't come to your garage) possible to help you fix your problem.

Please be aware of the scope of this package. It pays about one days work. So don't ask me to solve your marriage problems or guide you from start to finish of your car conversion. Only inverter and close surroundings. If unsure send a quick inquiry before ordering.

The more of my senses I can use, the better I can help. So

- Set up your wifi module for remote access

- It is good if we have a video link

- Everything must be potentially operational at the time of the call. Batteries charged, contactors wired etc.

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Inverter Service Package

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  • 500.00€

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