Terms & Conditions


The hardware is offered as is for educational purposes. I can not be held responsible for any damage, death or injury that may be caused by your high power project. You have decided to build your own inverter so you are responsible for what you do. Power electronics in the hand of the utterly uneducated can cause fire and electric shocks. So educate yourself before attempting to play with it. This includes reading pages outside this web page as well.

Depending on your jurisdiction, vehicles converted using our products may not be road legal and will need inspection by the authorities.

Product Support

Unless otherwise stated products are supplied as is without personal support by me. Any problems you might run into you have to solve yourself using the provided resources on the web and electrical engineering common sense. I will not refund or replace any hardware unless you have at least described your problem in a forum thread and user error can be excluded.


Your order is sent out as soon as payment has been confirmed. I use trackable DHL parcels.


You may return your products within 14 days of delivery for a full refund. Payment for return postage must be covered by you.

Please use the contact form of this shop for informing me about your return.